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  Widenbaum Holistic Health Center

 San Ramon

Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Allergy Elimination, Pain Relief, Metabolic Weight Loss, Non-Surgical Disc Decompression and Massage Therapy all under one roof!


Written Testimonials

I went to a holistic doctor last year and she really did not seem to know what she was doing. I noticed Dr. Widenbaums ad on the internet and at first I was hesitant because I just thought he would also not know what he was doing but I was very wrong! Dr. widenbaum is very thorough and really gets to the root of the problem vs just giving you thyroid meds and then that is it - you still have your hypothyroid issues. He really wants to find out what the underlying issue is as to WHY your thyroid and/or adrenals are not working correctly. I would highly recommend him as he is thorough, patient, understanding, helpful and kind and even the staff is kind and friendly! So if you are tired of being tired and depressed (even though you are on thyroid meds) then I would highly recommend going to see Dr. Widenbaum and getting to the root of your issues once and for all!

Mallie S.  San Ramon, CA


I had recently moved from Fremont to Dublin - and was in DESPERATE need of a local Holistic Doctor...on a Saturday! I looked up on yelp, and that's where I found Dr. Widenbaum! When I mentioned the yelp ad, my first visit, consult and evaluation were free!! That was about a year ago. The office staff were (and still are) friendly, kind, helpful, and I feel genuinely concerned with my overall health. Within the first couple visits Dr. Widenbaum went over my intake questionnaire (symptoms, complaints, history and such) with me and then laid out a treatment plan. Part of this discussion included finances....I really appreciated knowing the full picture before I started - no hidden agendas! Dr. W suspected that I had something else going on other than just muscle pain. He sent me for a variety of lab tests - and sure enough, they showed vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalances and an intolerance to gluten. He immediately suggested a gluten free diet, vitamins, and a natural hormone treatment. It's been almost a year and I've lost 91 pounds to date (!), I'm sleeping better, have more energy and less pain. I would recommend Dr. Widenbaum to anyone. If you're tired of feeling sick and tired, and are ready to make a commitment to do whatever it takes to feel better, then Dr. Widenbaum is the doctor to see! :o)

Heather M.  Dublin, CA


I wanted to say thank you today for your generous, gracious, concern for my health problems. It’s been a very long time since I felt relief! in my back –  Dr. Widenbaum, and your very, very, professional care, staff, and expertise have finally made it possible. Thank you Dr. Widenbaum- you have a place in heaven, I know. You are one of the most caring and concerned professional human beings I’ve ever met, and no one can ever appreciate your help more than I; your smile when you walk into the room, and your ever calming voice let me know I’m in good hands with you. My back and nerves feel wonderful and although I still have some time to go before a full recovery, which is my goal, I know you’re going to do all in your might-possible to get me there. God bless you, Dr. Widenbaum. You are a wonderful, helpful human being who deserves the best!!! 

Mayndawna Davis

I've been going to Dr. Widenbaum's office for 2 years and I have learned so much from them. All employees are friendly & Jonathan W & Doc Lang are awesome!

Jon D.  Pleasanton, CA


I've been a patient of Widenbaum Wellness Center for about 2 months now. The doctors and staff are always friendly, professional and helpful. I look forward to my weekly appointment and always get relief and a good night sleep after! Thank you Dr. Widenbaum!

Joe E.  San Ramon, CA


I have been researching and trying to treat myself nutritionally with what I was pretty sure was adrenal exhaustion, with the associated endocrine issues. My blood tests all showed that I was "normal". My doctor gave me more antidepressants for anxiety, but had no more answers for me. I did all I could to get through the day and just fell in bed, absolutely exhausted when I got home. I don't have the energy to do anything on the weekends. I wasn't seeing any improvement with what I was doing, so I did my research and found Dr. Widenbaum.

When my husband and I met him, we both felt such hope that this would be the answers to my health. We are just starting the testing process, but before we even have any lab results, Dr Widenbaum did some functional tests and did understand there really was something wrong with me. Although I have just begun my treatment program I am already feeling so much better! Dr. Widenbaum is very compassionate and caring, and I am very confident in placing my health in his care.

My family altogether will forever be grateful to Dr. Widenbaum and his wonderful staff!!

Michele V.  Hayward, CA


I have been using Widenbaum Holistic Health & Wellness for pain relief for a few months. I have to say the staff is great and the service is exceptional. I always leave feeling great. One of the things I appreciate the most is his flexibility with scheduling. I have a crazy schedule that changes regularly and they are always willing to accommodate my last minute changes. In a time where most places are more worried about the next billable, it is nice to find a place that puts value on customer satisfaction and takes the time to make sure you don't feel like just another number running through a system. I highly recommend Dr. Widenbaum and staff!

JP  Hayward, CA


From the moment you walk in the door of Widenbaum Health & Wellness the staff treats you like your one of the family. They are professional and make you feel comfortable your whole visit. Dr. Widenbaum has helped me tremendously and I definitely recommend them to all my friends and family!

John F.  Dublin, CA


Our entire family has received treatment from Dr. Widenbaum. Even my baby whose constant reflux stopped; to my older son who kissed good-bye his ear infections, to grandma whose back stops hurting when she receives laser treatments, to the new allergy treatment that has left us amazed. I have suffered miserable seasonal pollen, tree and flower-driven allergies for about 10 years. With the few treatments I have now received, I have put away my allergy medication away in the medicine cabinet! I am kissing goodbye to pesky and costly allergies, to Claritin and Alburetol and hello Spring!!

One Thankful Family!

Gabriela Holzman,  Pleasanton, CA


I have been seeing Dr. Jon for 11 years. When I began seeing him, I had numerous health issues. Dr. Jon is an extremely knowledgeable Practitioner! He is holistic in his approach to better health. I highly recommend Dr. Jon!

Terri Bach,  San Ramon, CA


Dr. Jon is the best the Bay Area has to offer in Functional Medicine. His treatments relieved a lifetime of migraine headaches, alerted me to food allergies and taught me a healthy lifestyle to maintain good health care.

Not only is Dr. Jon an excellent, he is of outstanding personal character. He is honest, trustworthy and of the highest ethical standards. Because he built his business with much hard work and determination, he values each patient and genuinely cares for their well-being. Dr. Widenbaum treats employees like family and each is thanked and rewarded for their daily efforts. Working together is what makes their practice such a success.

Carolyn Rotunda, San Ramon, CA

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