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Dublin Chiropractor | Dublin chiropractic care | CA | What Makes Us Unique

  Widenbaum Holistic Health Center

 San Ramon

Natural Solutions to Restore Health - Clinical Nutrition, Allergy/Food Sensitivities, Gut, Immune & Brain Health, Pain Relief, Metabolic Weight Loss, and Massage Therapy all under one roof!


What Makes Us Unique

We integrate the most cutting-edge knowledge of the Brain (Functional Neurology), Immune and Endocrine Systems (Functional Endocrinology & Immunology), with Clinical Nutrition.

It is the integration of these 3 disciplines that is the KEY to what makes us very different.


In fact looking at these three areas of a persons health is something that very few clinics around the world do!


We're committed to looking at the causes, not just symptoms. And we think that personal attention plus thorough analysis can lead to the most effective customized health plan possible.

We start from the beginning, working with you to get a good picture of your past, present, and future health before embarking on the road to lasting well-being.


Essentially, we bring together ALL aspects of a person's health to determine the best way to get results in the shortest amount of time.


3 MAIN reasons our Holistic Health Center is different:


1. We focus on the brain-body connection

It's simple science really—the brain controls our body, and our body provides feedback to the brain. When this relationship breaks down, so can your health. We work with you to identify and address these discrepancies. So, when you have an issue, condition or health problem... we locate the issue in the body and see how it is tied to the brain.

If you only look at one area of a person's health—rather than the way the brain and body are fully connected—it's very difficult to fully comprehend the degree of dysfunction within the person. This can result in a slowing of or a lack of progress toward the goal of health restoration.


2. We focus on the integration of the Brain with Clinical Nutrition, Functional Holistic Endocrinology and Immunology.


Because of this specialty, we are able to offer our clients vast, cutting-edge knowledge in the area of the brain-body connection. This fact alone makes us different from other practitioners out there you can choose to work with.


3. We give a very comprehensive Evaluation to all of our practice members.


There are very few practitioners that look at the function of the whole body and brain as it relates to:

  • ·         Immune Function
  • ·         Endocrine Function
  • ·         Nervous System Function
  • ·         Structure and Physiology


And then take what they've found and develop an innovative plan of wellness that involves you in restoring proper function of your body. We have been trained to evaluate the human function—in a VERY comprehensive way.


Our functional diagnostic testing allows us to consider all symptoms…from the major to everyday health issues like pain, numbness, balance problems, dizziness, chronic fatigue, allergies, hidden food sensitivities, low mood or the inability to lose weight. Once we've identified your core issues, we can work with them at your core—naturally—which allows your body to begin healing itself.


Dublin Chiropractor | What Makes Us Unique. Dr. Dr. Jonathan Widenbaum is a Dublin Chiropractor.