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Many patients ask me what is Fibromyalgia. It is an overall body pain. The person feels like they have the flu 24/7. , they have difficulty just putting one foot in front of the other, and have brain fog.

The problem with diagnosing fibromyalgia is there is no blood test, labs, imaging, x-rays, MRI to diagnose this problem.

Typically a Rheumatologist will diagnosis the patient by assessing to see if the patient has at least 11 of 18 trigger points throughout the body. A trigger point is like a "hot spot" in the muscle. You have to have 11 out of 18 trigger points to be diagnosed. Unfortunately for many they don't fall within those parameters and are told to live with it, they are faking, it's all in their head, or exercise more.

The real cause of Fibromyalgia is an over-firing in the Upper Brain Stem called the Mesechephalon. There are 3 parts to the brain stem the Upper Brain Stem or Mesencephalon , the middle called the Pons, and the lower called the Medulla. The Upper Brain stem fires to the Lower Brain stem this looping is lost in a patient with fibromyalgia. Over firing in the Upper Brain stem drives down the spinal cord to the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands sit above the kidneys and release cortisol , a stress handling hormone. Cortisol is toxic to the brain and overtime if the hippocampus is bathed in cortisol and person will experience memory problems or what is called"brain fog".

How does someone develop Fibromyalgia?

From Physical, Chemical and Emotional Stress. Fibromyaglia can develop after an auto accident, from hitting the head, life time smokers, alcohol used in excess. But the most common place we see Fibromyalgia is in people who have had severe emotional, stress, physical abuse, sexual or verbal abuse. Severe financial set back , a divorce. These event cause the adrenal glands to release cortisol, the Upper Brain Stem over fires, this over-firing causes a release of Type III pain fibers.- this causes pain throughout the body. One day you may have hip pain, next shoulder pain, the following week knee pain. Symptoms of Fibromyalgia are difficulty sleeping, Memory problems or "Fibro Fog", Irritable Bowel Syndrome, The Upper Brain Stem stops you from going to the bathroom, the Lower Brain Stem stops you from going to the bathroom. With Fibromyalgia there is a break in the connection. A person with Fibromyalgia is light sensitive. Cranial Nerve 3 is in the Upper Brain Stem. Cranial Nerve 3 constricts the pupil, this is lost with a patient who has Fibromyalgia.

How do I help with this condition?

I look at the whole person. I don't treat the Fibromyalgia condition per se. We treat the person not the label by assessing the person's biochemistry, physiology and neurology.

I do Metabolic testing: which means we are looking at your biochemistry through advanced comprehensive blood-work. This tells me what is going on with your organs like, your kidneys, liver, pancreas, gall bladder. I check for Food sensitivities like Gluten, wheat, soy, egg and milk. If you are sensitive to any of these they are making your condition worse.

I check your cortisol levels -your stress hormone. If you have a chronic health condition your cortisol levels are skewed. You probably are sleepy during the day and awake in the middle of the night. I check your immune panels. There are two parts to your immune system and they should be realtivly balanced. If they are not we can find out why they are not in balance. I will check you for inflammation. If you have inflammation your cortisol levels will be off and will make your condition worse. I check your gut function to see if you have a normal balance of bacteria or if there are pathogens in your gut.

I also will assess you neurologically. I can do this without the use of an MRI or needles. There are two parts to your brain and they should be realitivly in balance. With Fibromyalgia there is an over firing in the Upper Brain Stem and other areas of your brain will be affected as well. I can assess your brain function.

When we marry the Metabolic and Neurologic aspects of your health condition and improve upon them you will see an improvement in your health.

What you need to do now is call my office (925) 803-7546 for a consultation.

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