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Dublin Chiropractor, Chiropractor in Dublin, CA

  Widenbaum Holistic Health Center

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Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Allergy Elimination, Pain Relief, Metabolic Weight Loss, Non-Surgical Disc Decompression and Massage Therapy all under one roof!




1) What is Functional medicine? It is treating the patient by analyzing blood chemistry and other advanced testing and NOT treating the condition, disease or label your chronic health condition has been given.

2) How do you assess my chronic health condition? By testing and treating you both Metabolically and Neurologically. By NOT treating you with a cookie cutter or cook book approach but by looking at the whole health picture- your biochemistry, physiology,and neurology and addressing those underlying dysfunctions.

3) Why is a Holistic Practitionare treating my chronic health condition? I don’t treat your condition per se whether it is Thyroid, Diabetes, Neuropathy or other conditions. I treat your biochemistry. I allow the advanced testing that we order to tell me where the dysfunctions are in your body. As a Holistic Doctor I have thousands of hours of study in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and neurology. I study continuously in all areas of Functional Medicine. I have a Ph.D in Nutrition as well as being Board Certified in Integrative Medicine. 

4) How is Dr. Widenbaum's approach unique from the other doctors who use naturopathic & holistic methods? I use Blood Chemistry Analysis as well as other advanced functional medicine testing to determine your specific needs. The plan of Action I put together for you is truly designed based on your individual lab results. My approach is NOT about just changing your diet and /or throwing supplements at your chronic health condition. You need a doctor who can take a comprehensive history (ours is 20 pages), assess your health history and neurology, determine the testing that needs to be done, evaluate the test results, design a plan of action unique to you and then re-assess the effectiveness of your care plan by the follow up lab test results. I an uniquely qualified to do just that.

5) How long are tx plans? They vary according to the severity of your condition, the length of time you’ve been ill, your lab test result’s and your level of compliance to the care plan. This can range from a few weeks to several months.

6) Why hasn’t my medical doctor assessed my chronic health condition in this manner? Medical doctors are well trained to diagnosis, and treat disease by the use to drugs and surgery.This works well for acute conditions but not for chronic conditions. The root cause of your health dysfunction needs to be address by finding the toxic load(s) on your system this cannot be addressed through the use of drugs.

7) What is the difference between Lab Values and Functional Values? Most blood work you have done your blood test results are compared to Lab Values. Labs get their reference ranges by gathering all the blood test results from all the people who visited the that lab in the last year and put this information on a bell curve. Who usually gets blood work done? Sick People. So your Lab Value Ranges are very broad and are based on a sick population. When we utilize Functional Medicine approaches we use Functional Ranges. We take the same blood work and compare your test results to a healthy population, as a result Functional Values are more narrow.

8) Will you recommend I stop my medication? Absolutely NOT! That would be practicing medicine without a license and I don’t do that. You may find your need for medication may be reduced or eliminated as your health improves but that would be addressed by your prescribing physician.

9) Will my insurance cover my care? We will check on your insurance coverage and advise you of any coverage or limitations before any care is initiated. 

10) How much do your care plans cost? Dr. Widenbaum will determine the course of care for your specific case and go over any out of pocket cost before any care is initiated. We strive to make care affordable for anyone in need.


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