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Auto-Immune Conditions

Auto-Immune Conditions

What Tests Look At The Immune System?

  1. Lymphocyte Panel – to look at the ratios of T-Helper Cells, B Cells, T Cells, and Natural Killer Cells. From this test we can tell the functional configuration of the immune system and the likely sources of the dysfunction.
  2. Cytokine Panel – autoimmune diseases are classified as TH-1 and TH-2 dominant. This panel helps determine the dominance in your immune system.

With the results of these tests we can devise an all-natural protocol to calm and modulate the immune system. This is absolutely essential if you want to feel good again.

A Comprehensive Approach For Managing The Autoimmune Patient:

1. We need to remove the trigger(s) that aggravate the immune system (foods, chemicals, hormonal imbalance, etc.).

2. We need to quench the existing body-wide inflammatory cascade (with diet & lifestyle changes and specific supplements that down-regulate pro-inflammatory processes and up-regulate anti-inflammatory processes or

–simply put–we need to decrease the inflammation in your body!)

3. We need to repair any damage to the GI tract barrier, in other words, we need to fix your gut function.

4. We need to support the damaged autoimmune target with specific supplements and/or bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (as in the case of thyroid and pancreas damage)

5. We need to mediate any abnormal brain and nervous system function with Brain-Based Therapy.

Dublin Chiropractor | Auto-Immune Conditions. Dr. Dr. Jonathan Widenbaum is a Dublin Chiropractor.