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Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) are due to biochemical imbalances in the brain. In ADD/ADHD certain chemicals, otherwise known as neurotransmitters, are not being adequately produced/processed with the brain. To stimulate the brain to cause alertness, these chemicals need to be in abundant supply. (ADD is specifically caused by to little norepinephrine production, and ADHD is linked to a decreased amount of dopamine). When norepinephrine and dopamine are in short supple, the brain essentially falls asleep. Information cannot be processed electrically and inappropriate messages will get transferred to the rest of the body. Without the correct stimulation, messages are interrupted and wrong information gets processed. The message can be sent to or interpreted in the wrong location.

Clinically, patients with ADD/ADHD have difficulty focusing on one task. They can also miss messages from the environment. They appear to have a loss of memory of have poor listening skills. Poor sleeping habits are common due to the brain’s inability to shut down. Intervention strategies must address the specific areas of the brain. A specific evaluation must be done to correlate exam findings to provide strategies to maximize their full brain potential.

As a Holistic Doctor taking an emphasis on brain function, I take a different approach to the treatment and prevention of attention deficit disorder. I determine which part of the nervous system is not functioning through a thorough neurological evaluation. In addition through a urine test i determne which specific nuerotransmitters are out of balance.

To stimulate brain function, pathways must have neurological activation. Left sided brain activation therapy will stimulate pathways that fire to the right brain. Other effective modalities can be utilized to stimulate brain function. To stimulate the right brain, different modalities may be used. Visual stimulation (watching black and red or blue and green checkerboards) in the left vision field, auditory stimulation in one ear can be utilized at different intensities and frequencies, based on the patient need. Metronome clicks, gentle ocean, rain showers or Mozart are a few examples.

Every person who knows a child taking medication or struggling with school now has a place to seek answers. Many people treat ADD and ADHD as a behavioral problem. In fact, ADD/ADHD is a neurological and brain chemistry problem affecting mainly the cerebellum, thalamus and frontal lobe.

Medications are only a temporary solution because they do not address the root cause—an electrical and neurotranmitter imbalance between the right and left sides of the brain. This is called a Functional Disconnection Syndrome.

Dr. Widenbaum will explain non-drug, clinically proven methods he uses for the treatment of ADD and ADHD including the testing and treatment of Neurotransmitters (our brain chemistry).

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